Monday, March 2, 2009

People Who Talk Too Much

Lillian and I attended the Green Apple Charity Concert last night.

We have seen some of the costumes and dances before but that is to be expected. From the performance we reckon that their forte is in hip-hop and jazz. That was the general perception as well 'cos the modern dances drew the most applause from the audience.

The only other dance that reaped a thundering applause was the belly dance. The ladies, and there were so many of them, were so good with their "camels." In fact most of the time they were doing the body roll and hip lifts. There was very little variation in the steps but the use of veils added a real Arabian night flavour to the dance.

We would have enjoyed the evening more if it weren't for a talkative lady MC who spoiled it all with her endless chatter and broken English. Her English is not really that broken, but tak jadi lo especially for a big event like that.

I really cannot stand her instructions for another round of applause after every performance, after we have already applauded.

She also has the bad habit of telling the audience the comments of the stage manager to her. That's washing dirty linen in public! So lacking in finesse and not professional at all.

Doesn't she know that we are at a show? Even the radio stations acknowledge people's lack of tolerance for talk and they have come up with programmes like Music Marathon or 9 In A Row where listeners can enjoy the music without the interruption from the DJs.

We want to feast with our eyes, not listen to some grandmother stories. Summore tell us what is going to be on stage as if we cannot see the props when the curtain opens. That's so silly. Geram only.

I think she is just stage-struck. Give people like her a mic or put her on stage and it's disaster in the making.

They would have done better to just use the Chinese speaking MC. He's bilingual and does not grate on my nerves with all the self-promoting nonsense.

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