Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Clap Or A Slap

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. But that is only applicable if it is correctly interpreted.

Someone sent me a photo of himself receiving a prize. I clapped for his achievement. He thought I slapped him!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

23 Love Lane

As guest writer of an international travel and lifestyle magazine, Baby Sis enjoys certain perks that allow her access into places that many people are not aware of and are way too expensive for the average Penangite. 
Her latest assignment was to write on 23 Love Lane, a newly restored boutique heritage hotel that is situated right smack in the middle of the inner city. I was privileged to be invited for tea with her.

This beautiful gateway welcomes guests into the old-world charm that lies behind its walls
An impressive centrepiece at the end of the passageway leading from the reception area to the guest-rooms
This courtyard garden is on the righthand side of the passageway. Could that circular patch of greenery mark the location of an old well?
Here we are enjoying our tea. I am seated facing the courtyard garden.
This brick pathway leads to the place where we were having tea. It is lined with daun kadok and another plant that resembles, but is not, daun pandan.
The other end of the pathway leads to a door. I like the way they trimmed off the stems of the daun-pandan-like plants but left the flowers standing tall above the hedge.
Beyond the courtyard is a double-storey guest-house. In the past, it was probably the servants' quarters or the kitchen.
Water plants now happily inhabit what used to be a drain

The house is full of lovely old-style furniture...

...but it was this man-in-a-cage hanging ornament that caught my attention
The hotel provides complimentary tea for in-house guests
Never judge a kueh by its colour 'cos this super-colourful Kueh Ketayap is one of the best I've ever tasted.
I am truly blessed to have Baby Sis to inject colour and beauty into my life.

To find out more about the hotel, visit

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wa Lau Liao!

Tonight I was so tired at cell that I was drifting in and out of sleep when the sharing and discussion was in progress. Thank God there were no questions directed at me. I cringe when I think of the nonsense I would be spouting if I had been asked any question on the topic under discussion.

There were moments when I thought I would fall off the chair and end up in a heap on the floor like Mr Bean!

This goes to show that this old body can no longer take the abuse of sleep deprivation. That which used to be a doable in my younger days now takes a heavy toll on me.

Waking up at 6:45am every morning to attend dance practice at 8am, followed by a full day's work that ends at 7pm (at the earliest), and flopping into bed at 11pm or later leaves me zombie-fied.

So I have to face the unfortunate fact that:
Wa lau liao!
(Means"I am old already!" in Hokkien dialect)

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Heart Is In His Hands

There's a little fella that I love. I carry him in my arms and yet he holds my heart in his little hand.

I'm going to miss him dreadfully now that he's going back.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Green Side Of The Grass

Some people didn't make it to see this morning so I thank God for today.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

S'nar Ee's 90th Birthday

Last night, 70 relatives congregated at Michael Chow's home in USJ, Subang Jaya, to celebrate his mom's 90th birthday.

It was a splendid idea to have a buffet at home instead of going to the restaurant. We had a wonderful time catching up with the latest news among family members and, even though we were all behind closed doors in the air conditioned house, we were so noisy that the ruckus we raised could be heard from the end of the road.

The minute we arrived, the cousins asked two things of us. First of all, they wanted to know the location of the shop where we had the special pau with crispy filling on our foodie trip to Alor Star.

But how did they know about the special pau? Because all of them are on Facebook! Bearing in mind that all of us are in our fifties and sixties, we have really kept up with the times.

Next, after the food question had been settled, they clamoured to see photos of our grandson. There were so many oos and ahs over how handsome he is, his to-die-for dimples, how big he is for his age and his "stylo" hair.

Showing off Grandson's photos and bragging about him being able to turn at 20 days

Our photo with the birthday girl

Hubby giving an angpow to S'nar Ee

Hubby always has a soft spot for this aunt who took care of him when he was a child. And despite bouts of forgetfulness, she always remembers him. Whenever he tells her who he is she would always respond, "I took care of you!"

Her "Thank you" for the angpow Hubby gave her was loud and clear but we really cheered when she said, "Thank you very much!" after Big Sis Elaine presented her with an angpow.

Then Hubby decided to show some of the old family photos and that put everyone in a flurry again. It was so funny to see them try to identify who is who in the old photos.

What are they doing talking behind my back? Can't I eat in peace?

It was a lovely get-together and I'm looking forward to the next one 'cos we're planning to incorporate a foodie trip to Tanjong Tualang for seafood!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Grandson's First Night Out With Us

On Wednesday (9/01/13), we took Grandson out for the very first time.

Yay! I was so happy and really ecstatic with joy!

He was resting quietly in the sling when we picked him and 'bee. Then we found out that he prefers warmer temperatures. He started to fuss a little in the short ride to the restaurant but immediately stopped when his mom stepped out of the car.

Then when we arrived at the restaurant he again started to fuss but stopped when his mom took him out to the balcony.

This boy really takes after his grand-dad and mom. Doesn't like the cold.

He was very well-behaved once we wrapped him in his blanket and his mom was able to enjoy her dinner while he slept. Then he woke up, asked for his feed.

Grandson having his feed under the tent!
Then he dozed off again and there was not a sound from him as we went for a short walk. I suppose he likes the gentle rocking as he sleeps tucked up against his mommy.

I am so proud of him. He is going to grow up to be like the rest of his second cousins who are fuss-free travelers.

Of course, I must not forget to give credit to his great mom who handled him so capably. So proud of you, 'bee!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Men Are Boys At Heart

On Christmas Day, Hubby showed me the following chat he had with a friend. Now you tell me whether there is any difference between men and boys.

When they are boys they boast about their dads. When they become dads, they boast about their sons. And when they become granddads, they boast about their grandsons. At least all these boastings are forgiveable.

But this is this grown man challenging a newborn kid! It goes to show that men are boys at heart.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Heartfelt Gift

I was handed a gift for Caden after church today and it is the most creative gift presentation I've ever seen.

Just look this.

Thank you Cui Lin for this labour of love!

It took her the whole night, until 2 to 3am in the morning, to assemble this gift! She has really given much thought to and has put her heart and soul into this gift. I can clearly see the giver in the gift.

And I like it that she thinks that my grandson is a rock star. He is definitely solid as a rock, being able to turn from front to back at 20 days. And being my No. One grand baby, he is, and will always be, the star.

Grandson's First Visit

After six long weeks our grandson finally came to visit.

We were fascinated by the whole gamut of expressions he displayed...from smiles to frowns, and bored looks to intent looks. We heard him cry and we saw tears. He is oh-so-loveable and the visit was over way too soon.

Now all we have are photos which we are going to pore over to relive those precious moments we have with him until his next visit.

And he left this for us...

Yup, he poo-pooed here.

New Beginnings

Sunday, 30th December 2012, was the 16th anniversary celebration of Harvest Christian Centre. The theme was New Beginnings and it was timely that the event also saw the launch of the EP "New Beginnings" featuring 5 tracks composed and sung by Edwin Song (our nephew), Grace Goh (his wife) and Ruth Chuah, the Senior Pastor's daughter.

We were so privileged to have been invited to share in their joy. Surely this marks the beginning of greater things that God has in store for the budding composers and singers and for the church as well.

Congratulations Grace, Ruth and Edwin!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Weird Movies

We started off the year watching two weird movies.

First there was this love story between two inhabitants on twin planets with opposite gravitational forces. Hence the title "Upside Down."

Unfortunately I couldn't concentrate on the movie because I was too busy trying to make sense out of everything I saw, especially when the characters change planets and are subjected to opposing gravitational forces. It was a laugh seeing the guy's pee flowing up and pooling at the ceiling.

I ended up kepala pusing. :(

As if that wasn't confusing enough, we next watched "Cloud Atlas." This movie explores events in the past, present and future concurrently and tries to show how our actions today have far-reaching consequences in the future. To compound the confusion, the actors were playing multiple roles!

As expected, I succumbed to over thinking as I tried to find out how the different stories are linked together. I ended up kepala pusing again. :(

That's it! No more weird movies for the rest of this year.

Lessons Learned From 2012

  1. Don't be too quick to offer unsolicited advice or opinion. It is seldom well received and very often you are perceived to be a busy body. I will no longer suffer the indignity of having my helpfulness thrown back at my face, so I'm learning the art of "buat bodoh lebih selamat" (act stupid more safe) since "guna akai kena sakai" (use brain get clobbered). When they ask, then shall it be given.

  2. When it comes to reminding anyone of anything, once is enough. Twice is still acceptable, because the person may not have heard you the first time, but thrice or more makes you a nag. I don't want to be a nag so I'm not going to repeat myself like a broken record, except with people who appreciate my good intentions. Take it or leave it.

  3. Don't live your life around other people's schedule or non-schedule. There is so much of living to do and so little time left for me to do it that I'm no longer going to sit around waiting for life to happen to me. Carpe diem.

  4. Enjoy your friends, the people who like you for who you are and not for what you have or have not done; the people who share your laughter and your tears and walk with you through all your fears; gracious people who choose to see the best in you and wish the best for you; people who enrich and energise you. This year I'm only going to venture where I'm wanted and really put time and effort into nurturing those mutually caring relationships that put a song in my heart. Let's sing harmony!