Friday, May 25, 2012

Mini Roadside Floral Fest

This morning Lillian and I were on our way to breakfast when we chanced upon a mini floral fest outside one of the houses at Bangkok Lane.

They were such lovely blooms that we whipped our iPhones and immediately started snapping photos. 

Nyonyas At Yeng Keng Cafe

Yesterday, Lillian and I were invited to do demonstrate the craft of beadwork on kasut manek at a photo shoot for the Ministry of Tourism. We participated for the fun of it without expecting any payment so we were overjoyed when we received RM100 each as compensation for the whole session. And we were only doing something we enjoyed.

After the photography we decided to treat ourselves to Padang Brown popiah but, for some reason, the whole hawker complex was closed that evening. So there we were, two nyonyas gallivanting all over town looking for some place nice to have our tea.

Eventually we decided to go to Yeng Keng Cafe where we shared two choon pneah or spring rolls and a plate of Hainan mee. The choon pneah was kinda disappointing but the Hainan mee was yummy. 
Clockwise from Top Left Hand Corner: The two nyonyas, butter cake and Illy coffee for dessert, choon pneah, flower deco and Hainan mee

After tea, we yielded to temptation and ordered a slice of butter cake and two Illy latte. As we were tucking into the sweet ending for our meal, we saw Lillian's boss coming into the restaurant with three of his workers. To our delight, he offered to pick up the tab!

We left soon after that and I told Lillian that he would be in for a shock when the bill comes. There were no traces of the savoury dishes we had earlier on the table. Not expecting such big appetites from nyonyas, he probably thought that all we had for tea was just the cake and coffee.

Anyway, we had a good meal and without spending a sen of the money we had just earned. God is indeed very good.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fun Pic

I love this picture of us having fun at the instant photo booth at JJ's wedding dinner in Singapore.