Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday at KR

No birthday is complete without a birthday cake. So despite having had my birthday bash the weekend prior to my birthday, I ordered a cake from Secret recipe on my actual birthday so I get to cut a cake again!

Sounds like second childhood has arrived.

My poor mutilated cake. First I dug a hole in it on one side then, to balance the damage, Hacker shoved his whole thumb in on the other side.

The design on the cake was a huge let down. So plain.

But tastewise it was fantastic

Look at the chunky bits of macadamia nuts inside! Yums. I am nuts over nuts so this White Chocolate Macadamia Cake eventually won me over.

We really enjoyed the cake

A photo of the KR gang

Another photo of us looking going wild

Update at 6.16pm: Hubby is caught on film trying to cekek me in the last picture!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Presents!

I received a present last Sunday.

Silver and purple. Nice!

Something from Charles & Keith. Yay!

Time to change my wallet

Then on my birthda Baby Sis gave me a present wrapped a la India, inspired by her latest India adventure.

My gift from Baby Sis. So beautifully wrapped I could not bear to open it

I was so blessed by the message on the card

Korean BBQ Birthday Lunch

Baby Sis took me and the family for a Korean barbecue lunch to celebrate my senior citizenship status.

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant along Jalan Tanjung Tokong.
5 minutes away from home and we've never been there before.
My Baby Sis and 'Bee. Those exhaust fans sure look like
gigantic alien worms. Shudder.

Hubby and I. The poor dear looks so tired.

3 bowls of soup for me. The extra 2 with compliments
from Hubby and 'Bee.

The beef being barbecued

That was what's left AFTER our lunch. Exotic food is wasted on us.

The only item on the menu that received a thumb's up
from these two was the dessert - watermelon!

Thanks Lillian, for taking me down unfamiliar, adventurous trails in an effort to spice up my otherwise bland and colourless life. Love you, always.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nyonya Heritage Golden Trail - 7 July 2011

Sis roped me in to be one of the nyonyas participating in this year's Georgetown Heritage Day celebrations.

Dressing in nyonya garb is always a fun thing but this was an extraordinary experience because we were bedecked with multi-million ringgit antique jewellery from the private collection of Mr Soon of the Peranakan Mansion. So, even though it was a mere 2 days before my 'bee's wedding, I agreed to to be one of the nyonyas.

It took us three hours to dress up before we assumed our positions beside the portraits of elegant and dignified nyonyas of bygone days at an exhibition on the Peranakan Straits Chinese: The Women. These portraits were part of a private collection and were only displayed in public for the first time at the the exhibition which was held at the Peranakan Mansion.

Living nyonyas beside the protraits of nyonyas of bygone days

The Chief Minister Tuan Lim Guan Eng
admiring the many rings adorning Lillian's fingers

One ring caught the CM's wife's eye.
He told her, "Look only."

Lillian dressed as the 3rd day bride
with Auntie Rosie beside her

Lillian's attire and jewellery were the most elaborate and expensive among the five of us. But the most expensive piece of jewellery was worn by Auntie Rosie. She was the only one who could wear a pair of 8-carat diamond earrings that cost more than half-a-million ringgit! The rest of us oiled the posts (pantat) of the earrings and pushed with all our might (until we cried) but our ear holes were too small and the pantat could not go in in.

Auntie Rosie was a true grand lady that day
with her 8-carat diamond earrings

Lillian sitting in the bridal chamber
in her full 3rd day bride regalia

Lillian's 3rd day bride's head-dress
with golden birds with dangly decorations

My not-so-elaborate head-dress

Our gold-threaded slippers and anklets

Auntie Rosie, Irene and me

Close-up of Irene's jade jewellery set

Rosie, Dorothy and I. Dorothy was dressed
in nyonya mourning attire with silver accessories

I was privileged to be the first person
to wear this rich wine-coloured baju panjang

Close-up of the jewellery I wore

The hong buey or phoenix tail earring I wore
that reminded me of the pair mom had

After the CM had left, we spent time taking fun pictures.

Two nyonyas gossiping

Baba teasing Nyonya

And Nyonya loves it!


I woke up 55 today. I don't feel any different. It's all in the head.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Glitz & Glamour Nite

This is what my e-card looks like.

Few people dressed to the theme and even fewer people believed me when I said I would be wearing the bling-est dress of all until they saw me on the night of the party.

I will never forget the awestruck look on my Pastor's 4-year old son's face when he saw me. His jaw dropped and he was speechless. He couldn't even wish me "Happy birthday!" despite the prompting from his parents. Never in his life did he imagine that there are people who would wear such bling-bling clothes in real life.

Thank God for family who dressed to the theme

If you think the dress looked bling you should have seen the actual dress.