Saturday, October 25, 2008

Arabian Nights

Date: Saturday, 18 October 2008
Venue: Traders Hotel, Penang
Occasion: SGGS Ex-Pupils' Association Annual Dinner

After all those months of practice it was finally THE night. I was so, so unprepared. Not enough practice and still suffering from the tail end of my long bout of cough and cold. I was not really in the mood to party and by the end of the last dance I was so groggy I could barely keep my pose.

Anyway, the dinner turned out better than expected despite all the secrecy and conspiracy. Yup, when girls get together somehow all the kiasuism comes out in full force. It all starts with someone keeping a secret which makes the rest go secretive as well. And we end up with secret societies within the society.

Lillian took the trouble to dress to the theme and was the belle of the ball. Our table nominated her for the best dressed prize but excuses were made that performers were not eligible to participate. All of us protested and insisted and so she became a contestant. Now, isn't it strange that they did not announce the winner for the best dressed prize and at the end of the dinner there was an unclaimed and unawarded fruit hamper prize? I tell you, there's a conspiracy to deprive my sister of a well-deserved prize.

That's me with the belle of the ball. I was so sick I didn't even bother to get my hair done!

Ken and Pam were appointed our official photographers. I was so glad to have them attend the show though I am sure they cringed when they saw my jelly belly and love handles on display for the world to see! To top it off, my dancing was very lau chiak with lots of t'hau chiak por. But doesn't matter la, happy, happy have fun will do.

Really appreciate 'bee for making the trip back for the dinner
and performance. I so, so loves her.

I was supposed to dance only one dance but somehow I ended up dancing four. The drum solo piece with Lillian and Shida was a bold move from 3 novices. As they say, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. According to teacher Lisa, drum solos are for intermediate students. We were wa-a-ay out of our depth and our fear and trembling showed. Lillian and Shida wore body suits but cheapo me did not want to spend the money so my flab was more evident. Hence the small picture below.

The 3 fearless novices who dared to attempt the drum solo

Istanbul was actually a line dance modified to reflect an Arabian or Middle Eastern flavour while "One Night Only" was a modern jazz dance.

Istanbul, a modified line dance

Discoing away for One Night Only

The grand finale featured six ex-Georgians dancing to Shakira's Ojas Asi. I must say that as a group we looked pretty impressive.

The jelly bellies performing Ojas Asi

That's Lisa, our instructor, in black

We had a number of guest artistes who are current Georgians but the star was a 14-year old girl who had been belly dancing for a number of years. She was really good and she had the figure which was the envy of those of us who are experiencing middle age spread.

Lavinia, the sweet young thing who stole the show and
put the rest of us old fogeys to shame

All the ex -Georgians who had fun performing that night

Raya in KL

I was sick and running a fever but I just could not pass up the opportunity to go down to KL over the Raya break to see my 'bee. So I went and the flu got worse. Had a number of relapses and could you believe it, the cough and cold cycle dragged on for more than 3 weeks!!! None of the western medication were of any good so finally I resorted to seeing a Chinese sinseh.

We stayed at the Royale Bintang Hotel because it's very near Pam's condo. There was only one queen sized bed so she could not stay with us. That was ok since I didn't want to pass her whatever bug that was bugging me.

Afternoon tea at Winter Warmers

We're supposed to bring her back with us for good but she decided to stay on in KL. Much as I want her by my side I know her life is in KL, at least for the time being.
So we returned without our precious cargo.

So misses you, 'bee.

Ken's Birthday

My darling turned 49 on 12 October but he doesn't look a day older than the first time I met him, except for a few strands of white hair and the occasional strand of "old goat" hair sticking out of his eye-brow that he is so proud of.

Cake-cutting was held in the morning 'cos our kiasu live-to-eat guests wanted to save their stomachs for the feast later that evening. It was a return to childhood when Kenny opened his present from the staff - all toys, although they are pretty expensive big boy toys. You should have seen the pure delight on his face. Of course they first teased him with a fake present but he was not fooled.

Kenny with his birthday cake surrounded by Ken Rayites.
That's the fake present on top of the real present.

Lots of toys for the big boy

The real celebration was a buffet dinner with free flow of drinks, including liquor, at E&O hotel. Our staff really let their hair down and loosened their belts to do justice to the sumptuous spread. We even had a mariachi band to sing "Happy Birthday" at our table. We sang along with such gusto that they hung around for quite some time belting out a number of songs for us.

The mariachi band singing "Happy Birthday"

The family with part of the staff

Ken Rayites going crazy at the party

Best of all, our babee was there to make this birthday so special.

Sweets for our sweet 'bee