Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ken's Birthday

My darling turned 49 on 12 October but he doesn't look a day older than the first time I met him, except for a few strands of white hair and the occasional strand of "old goat" hair sticking out of his eye-brow that he is so proud of.

Cake-cutting was held in the morning 'cos our kiasu live-to-eat guests wanted to save their stomachs for the feast later that evening. It was a return to childhood when Kenny opened his present from the staff - all toys, although they are pretty expensive big boy toys. You should have seen the pure delight on his face. Of course they first teased him with a fake present but he was not fooled.

Kenny with his birthday cake surrounded by Ken Rayites.
That's the fake present on top of the real present.

Lots of toys for the big boy

The real celebration was a buffet dinner with free flow of drinks, including liquor, at E&O hotel. Our staff really let their hair down and loosened their belts to do justice to the sumptuous spread. We even had a mariachi band to sing "Happy Birthday" at our table. We sang along with such gusto that they hung around for quite some time belting out a number of songs for us.

The mariachi band singing "Happy Birthday"

The family with part of the staff

Ken Rayites going crazy at the party

Best of all, our babee was there to make this birthday so special.

Sweets for our sweet 'bee


pamsong said...

Hey, how come I didn't get these pictures???

Melsong said...

Didn't you download the pictures the day after? Nvm I bring down for you on thumb drive or maybe burn on CD.