Friday, January 4, 2013

Lessons Learned From 2012

  1. Don't be too quick to offer unsolicited advice or opinion. It is seldom well received and very often you are perceived to be a busy body. I will no longer suffer the indignity of having my helpfulness thrown back at my face, so I'm learning the art of "buat bodoh lebih selamat" (act stupid more safe) since "guna akai kena sakai" (use brain get clobbered). When they ask, then shall it be given.

  2. When it comes to reminding anyone of anything, once is enough. Twice is still acceptable, because the person may not have heard you the first time, but thrice or more makes you a nag. I don't want to be a nag so I'm not going to repeat myself like a broken record, except with people who appreciate my good intentions. Take it or leave it.

  3. Don't live your life around other people's schedule or non-schedule. There is so much of living to do and so little time left for me to do it that I'm no longer going to sit around waiting for life to happen to me. Carpe diem.

  4. Enjoy your friends, the people who like you for who you are and not for what you have or have not done; the people who share your laughter and your tears and walk with you through all your fears; gracious people who choose to see the best in you and wish the best for you; people who enrich and energise you. This year I'm only going to venture where I'm wanted and really put time and effort into nurturing those mutually caring relationships that put a song in my heart. Let's sing harmony!

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