Sunday, January 27, 2013

23 Love Lane

As guest writer of an international travel and lifestyle magazine, Baby Sis enjoys certain perks that allow her access into places that many people are not aware of and are way too expensive for the average Penangite. 
Her latest assignment was to write on 23 Love Lane, a newly restored boutique heritage hotel that is situated right smack in the middle of the inner city. I was privileged to be invited for tea with her.

This beautiful gateway welcomes guests into the old-world charm that lies behind its walls
An impressive centrepiece at the end of the passageway leading from the reception area to the guest-rooms
This courtyard garden is on the righthand side of the passageway. Could that circular patch of greenery mark the location of an old well?
Here we are enjoying our tea. I am seated facing the courtyard garden.
This brick pathway leads to the place where we were having tea. It is lined with daun kadok and another plant that resembles, but is not, daun pandan.
The other end of the pathway leads to a door. I like the way they trimmed off the stems of the daun-pandan-like plants but left the flowers standing tall above the hedge.
Beyond the courtyard is a double-storey guest-house. In the past, it was probably the servants' quarters or the kitchen.
Water plants now happily inhabit what used to be a drain

The house is full of lovely old-style furniture...

...but it was this man-in-a-cage hanging ornament that caught my attention
The hotel provides complimentary tea for in-house guests
Never judge a kueh by its colour 'cos this super-colourful Kueh Ketayap is one of the best I've ever tasted.
I am truly blessed to have Baby Sis to inject colour and beauty into my life.

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