Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Counting Calories & Blessings

That reminded me of the good, old days when I could eat as much as I wanted to and not put on an ounce. In fact people used to say I have hollow legs. I wouldn't believe if anyone had told me then that there would come a time when the weight would start piling up and I would have to reduce portions and watch the calories.

Nowadays I put on weight just thinking about food! Susah la.

BTW, that comic also reminded me that I really should count my blessings. For something as basic and as common as strong water pressure. I used to complain about unsatisfactory water pressure at home until I experienced what low water pressure was while I was in KL.

The water pressure was so low that bath time took longer than usual because I have to wash section by section or parts of my body will not get wet at all!

I was never as grateful and neither have I enjoyed my shower that much as on the night I reached home. Isn't it so human of us to take our blessings for granted?

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