Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saturday in KL - Day 1

'Bee picked me from the airport and "Operation Feed My Babee" commenced with an early lunch at delicious, Bangsar.

I should have ordered the Smoked Salmon with Angel Hair Pasta she recommended. Instead I pandai-pandai ordered a Chicken and Leek Pie thinking that it would not be as rich compared to the pasta which was served with cream sauce.

When my meal came, regret was served along with it. It was not that it wasn't tasty. Pastry crust was simply not the best food to stuff down an already dry and scratchy throat.

Chicken and Leek Pie at delicious, Bangsar

Hot honey lemon to balance the heatiness of baked pie

After lunch I accompanied 'bee for a walk-in visit to the dentist. We expected a long wait but we did not anticipate leaving the dentist's office 3 hours later!

We entertained ourselves watching episodes of "Gossip Girl" on her Samsung Omnia before she went in to see the dentist.

She disappeared in there for more than one-and-a-half hours. Only came out once for an x-ray. I was left to entertain myself watching a little boy riding his "horse" (an umbrella) up and down the hallway.

'Bee later told me that she was first given one jab. When she did not feel any numbness, the dentist gave her another jab. I think the anesthetic finally took effect and the accumulated potency was such that she fell asleep on the dentist's chair!

I tell you, this girl of mine can have an adventure any time anywhere.

We went to Sunway Pyramid and had Kwai Ling Gou for pre-dinner dessert before going to Dragon-i for dinner.

Kwai Ling Gou for teh complexion and to cool down the system

I told 'bee that there was no increase in price but the portions have shrunken tremendously. Anyway, we ordered our favourite Prawn in Salted Egg Yolk. We could not believe it when the dish came and we counted only 7 prawns for a dish that costs RM38++!

[Edited at 9.39pm: Mistake. The dish costs RM32.00++.]

7 miserable prawns garnished with half a cherry tomato
and a few pathetic strands of dehydrated pea sprout

Just last week I had dinner at Dragon-i at Queensbay Mall Penang and we also ordered the same dish. My dinner companions and I were commenting that overall they have significantly reduced the portions but I was very sure (based on the no. we ate) there were defintely more than 7 prawns. At least 13, maybe 15 prawns.

After dinner we dashed into Jusco for some urgent purchases before the store closed. By then our energy level was also running low so we headed for home.

When we reached home I accomplished an important item on my agenda for the weekend. I changed her bed clothes for her. I had a boo-boo moment there which you can read here.

Mission accomplished. She's finally using the new comforter set we bought her.

We ber-mask-mask and then it's an early night for both of us. I strongly suspect that for 'bee the early night was the after effect of the anesthetic overdose.

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