Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can Sing No More

'Bee gave me a surprise on Sunday afternoon. She booked 5 hours of karaoke at Red Box at the Gardens. We sang until I was hoarse.

At Red Box

If I was out of practice with my writing, it was worse with singing. I realized that:
  • I am only able to sing selected oldies.
  • I could not start any of the newer songs 'cos I only know the chorus.
  • I am lost whenever the song has a bridge.
  • Sometimes the tune is in my head but the sounds I produce are nowhere near what I am hearing in my head!
I am sure poor 'bee suffered throughout the whole 5 hours getting me in tune and on pitch while desperately trying to find something I could sing to.

Help! I have lost my ability to sing. I need more singing practice. Anybody for a karaoke session?

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