Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pastor Sean Prasad

We had a guest speaker this morning - Pastor Sean Prasad from Good Tidings, Shah Alam. He told us he is an evangelist and a former Youth Pastor. Even if he had not told us, we would have guessed from the pithy quips which peppered his message that he used to be a Youth Pastor.

Pastor Sean at the pulpit

The message was on "Divine Presence" taken from John 20:19-23. In the presence of the Lord there is . . .
  • Peace, or Eirene in Greek, which means "unity, tranquility and concord." He defined unity as the ability of agree in disagreement. (Agreeing to disagree?) Contrary to demon possession, where there are many demons or spirits residing in one body, in unity there is one Spirit with many bodies.
  • Power from the Holy Spirit to be "unified, empowered and to testify."
  • A Promise of forgiveness. God's forgiveness is Full, Free and Final.
Pastor Sean after the service

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