Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday in KL - Day 3

First thing I did in the morning was to mop her bedroom floor. Another mission accomplished.

Then we rushed out of the house to collect her orders for facial masks.

On our way home to sort out the orders, we decided to stop by at Li Er Restaurant for an early lunch. The prices were very reasonable. If I remember correctly we paid not more than RM38 for Sweet Sour Fish, Hot Plate Tofu, Fried Kailan with Garlic, rice and drinks.

Delicious meal for less than RM40

Isn't my 'bee too lovely for words?

After sorting out the orders for the masks, we went to Sunway Pyramid (again) to shop and enjoy another Kwai Ling Gou treat.

Dinner was at a Japanese Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid and too soon it was time for her to send me to Terminal 3 for my flight home. That was when the misadventures with the canceled and transferred flights occured.

Menu at Sushi Zanmei Restaurant

She didn't want me to take her photo hence the funny faces. I think she still looks adorable whatever the face she wears.

Three days went by so fast. Not enough. It's always never enough. I miss her. Dreadfully.

Need to plan my next trip down or her trip up.

I made her bed for her. A farewell gift to put a smile on her face
when she climbs into bed tonight.

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