Friday, March 6, 2009


It was already 2.45pm and we were in Sungai Ara running an errand for 'bee. (The things parents will do for their offspring!)

Since it was already so late, we decided to have lunch around that area and that was how we ended up at Victoria Station.

To our surprise, Bomb(e) Alaska was one of the desserts on the menu. It brought back memories of our courting days when we were very gila Bomb(e) Alaska so we ordered one for dessert.

Bomb(e) Alaska, for the uninitiated, is a spectacular fluffy white meringue dessert that is flambed, or set aflame, with brandy at the table before the dessert is served. Inside the meringue shell is an ice cream layer and underneath the ice cream shell is a combination of sponge cake and fruit salad.

Sponge cake and fruit salad covered with ice cream
under an 'igloo' of meringue

I was so busy enjoying the flambe show that I only thought of taking photos after the pyrotechnics was over. What a waste!

Meringue with peaks burnt by the flaming brandy

It takes skill to prepare a good Bomb(e) Alaska. The ice cream must not melt when the meringue is being baked. That could be the reason why Bomb(e) Alaska has, over the years, disappeared from the menu of most restaurants. All the experts must have passed on and younger chefs prefer more fail-proof recipes.

At the end of lunch we were already so full that dessert was an over-kill. Much as we wanted to enjoy every morsel of the dessert we realized that we could not indulge like before.

Ken's messy plate with his unfinished dessert.
Looks like the handiwork of a demolition squad.

I finished most of the filling. The meringue was all that's left
so the plate was not so messy

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