Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday in KL - Day 2

Sunday was the karaoke day.

"Operation Feed My Babee" didn't have a good start today. We just ate the Subway which we bought the day before for brunch and after that we headed for Mid Valley. Walked around a bit before we had to be at the mysterious somewhere by 3.00pm.

They do serve food at the karaoke but nothing that met my criteria for "Operation Feed My Babee." Anyway only one mouth so we could either sing or eat. We chose to sing and leave the eating for later.

After the karaoke session 'bee took me to Fong Lye, a Taiwanese Restaurant at the Gardens. The food was fantastic! I suspect that's because it's been adapted for Malaysian taste buds.

They provided nice comfy chairs for us while we waited to be seated. Such thoughtfulness for the comfort of the patron is to be commended. They also served us little glasses of lime juice. The juice is full of flavour yet not sour. Absolutely delicious.

'Bee knew what she wanted to order so she didn't even look at the menu. That's my 'bee; she always eats the same thing at the same restaurant. Never change once she finds something she likes. Not willing to take risks.

After yesterday's fiasco with the Chicken and Leek Pie I decided to order what she ordered. So we both ended up ordering the Miso Fish Set and some Sweet Potato Balls for appetizer . No regrets this time.

Miso Fish Set that comes with a bowl of rice with minced meat,
soup, some kerabu thingy, some green stuff and a slice of egg roll

Mouth-watering Miso Fish

We also ordered a pot of what we thought was chrysanthemum and oolong tea. Somehow we wrote the wrong number and ended up with twin oolong instead. The tea was too bitter for us once it had steeped for some time.

Lovely tea set

Cute drawing of a Chinese girl on the tea-pot

After dinner we went to fill up the car which was running on an almost empty tank and then it was home sweet home.

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