Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pastor Sean's Advice to Girls

He said that girls should choose their life partners wisely.

"Choose the one you love and love the one you choose"

Here's his tip for the girls. He said that you can know how well the guy will treat you by observing the manner in which he treats his mother, sister and dog, especially the dog.

There is some truth in what he said. If a man treats his mom and/or his sister horribly it would be difficult for him to unlearn his bad habits and he will also treat his wife badly. It is worse if a man is unkind to dumb, defenceless animals because it just goes to show that he has a mean streak in him and that he is a bully at heart. That is something which will surface once he has you in his clutches. So girls, if you see someone like that run as fast as you can and as far away as you can.

The theory however is not foolproof if the guy is a filial son, loving brother and/or friend of animals. Most of the time you may end up with a good guy but sometimes you could end up with mama's boy who is tied to his mother's apron strings, who cannot leave and cleave. That is a sure recipe for disaster in any marriage.

A man should honour and respect his mother but he should also speak up and defend his wife if she is not at fault. He should be fair and just whenever the women in his life clash. If the man knows how to make wise, righteous decisions based on truth, that is, if he knows how to cho lang (literally, "be a person" in Hokkien), there will be peace in the home. Most household strife between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the result of the preferential treatment being given one party.

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