Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flying Firefly

Came back last night after 3 Pam-filled days.

This trip I decided to fly Firefly to save time and also because it was more convenient for her to pick me from Subang Airport and send me back.

I must say I was pretty impressed with Firefly on the way down to Subang. They have nice leather seats (not sure fake or not) that don't give you the "jijit" feeling associated with fabric-covered seats that could be harbouring a whole colony of germs.

I thought they don't serve anything on budget flights. To my surprise, they served a cupcake and a drink for my morning flight.

After the nice first impression I was prepared for a pleasant flight home but the trip back turned out to be a total mess up.

First of all, I was a wee bit late arriving at Terminal 3. Rushed like mad to scan my check in luggage. Wearing shoes with poor grip did not help, especially when walking fast on slippery tiled floors. My head seemed to be sending me contradictory messages - "Walk faster or you're gonna miss your flight" and "Slow down, you're going to slip and fall."

I had to swing my arms to keep my balance and generate speed - my PE teacher used to tell us that we could run faster if we swing our arms faster - and my feet were slipping and sliding all over the place. I must have looked a sight with my arms and feet all lintang-pukang.

After scanning my check-in luggage, I looked up and to my horror there was no check-in counter for Penang! Have I missed my flight?

After asking around, I found out that my flight was canceled and they had transferred all passengers to a Malaysia Airlines flight which was flying out from KLIA in half-an-hour's time! I checked my sms and found the message they sent at 3.13pm informing passengers of the tranferred flight.

Haiyo! At 3.13pm we were at Sunway Pyramid. I was commencing withdrawal and trying to maximise my last few Pam-hours. Of course, I did not bother to check my phone for messages.

Pleaded with the officer to get me on the next available flight and, bless him, he did. There was no way I could make it for the 8.10pm flight but he managed to get me a seat on the 9.10pm flight out of KLIA.

Called 'bee. Asked her to come back and pick me from Terminal 3. Then we rushed to KLIA and I managed to make it for the flight home.

Just thinking of all that rushing here and there makes me breathless. You can imagine the state I was in during the whole episode.

Episode. Sounds like some TV series. My life so exciting meh? Maybe once in a while la.

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