Saturday, February 28, 2009

Money, Time And Energy

There was a comment by Tan Han Chong, senior vice-president and senior head of UOB's personal financial services division in The Star on January 24, 2009.

In the article he made some perceptive observations. He wrote:

My own beliefs of how our lives in the 21st century seem to run their course (and resulting in regrets too often, too late) can be simplified to 3 basic elements:

When you are young and studying,
You have time and energy, but no money.
So you can't afford your pursuits.

When you are grown up and working,
You have energy and money, but no time.
So you postpone your plans.

When you are older and retired,
You have time and money, but alas no energy!
So you can no longer enjoy your interests.

I am in phase 2 of my life cycle – all grown up and working. I find myself having some money and enough energy, but there are times when I truly feel that a day needs more than 24 hours!

I will not delude myself that I can do everything. I certainly do forego some of my plans or interests but I constantly remind myself that life is short and precious. And while sacrifices have to be made so that the bacon can be brought home, it must never be at the expense of health or family.

Annual family holidays will be made, but maybe to nearby places for shorter periods. Blackberry will be checked occasionally at home but not in the middle of a chat with my wife or when I am playing with son.


Those are words of wisdom!

Wealth is only meaningful and fully enjoyed
in the context of loving relationships and good health.

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