Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where Are The Sharks?

On Thursday, Koo Chair (that's the Cantonese term for Aunt) took Lillian and me to a factory to purchase cod fish. What a sight greeted us when we arrived at the factory.

Shark's fins covering every inch of the floor

There were so many shark's fins laid out to dry in the huge courtyard that there was hardly any space for us to make our way through to the factory. All the fins were not really that huge so they must have belonged to young, immature sharks.

Some of the fins are so small, smaller than the size of a palm

Some grey and some brownish in colour

So many fins, but where are the sharks? I hope they are not thrown back into the sea after having their fins cut off.

Shark-eating man is more to be feared that man-eating sharks.

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