Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ferdinand the Bull

Today I was flipping through The Star when a book review caught my eye. It looked strangely familiar and when I started to read it I immediately knew why.

Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf

It's just a simple children's story about a bull and yet it unleashed a flood of memories. Memories of those good, old days when Pam and I would watch cartoons in the afternoons, after our nap (actually I needed the nap more than she did and she would always sneak away when I have fallen asleep) when we came back from the kindergarten.

Some of her favourite cartoons in those simple, uncomplicated days were "Small One" - about a donkey who, in the story, found a place in history as the donkey which Mary, pregnant with baby Jesus, rode into Bethlehem - and "Ferdinand the Bull."

She loved watching "Ferdinand the Bull" and would ask for the cartoon by name BUT she had another name for Ferdinand. At first that made it very difficult for me to decipher which particular cartoon it was that she was referring to. Later it became our private joke but she's always not amused and she'll disown me if I ever disclose it, so mum's the word.

So 'bee this post is for the good times we had. I miss them.