Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hot Weather Blooms

It rained today!

After so many days of sweltering heat the drop in temperature was a relief. But there are some bonuses to hot, hot weather too. The plants all go into preservation-of-the-species mode and start to flower even as they drop their leaves. The results are trees all covered with flowers, something like the cherry blossom season of Japan.

There is one particularly beautiful tree that's all covered with purple flowers right at the corner of Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah near 32 The Mansion. I thought of taking a photo but did not get around to doing it. Now it's too late. I guess the tree would be botak after today's shower.

I was thinking of writing a post on trees in bloom so I did manage to take some photos of a few trees which were in bloom around the office. Unfortunately none was as spectacular as that Jacaranda (???) tree I mentioned.

This picture was taken after a shower
so the flowers are looking a little droopy

This is a poor representation of the splendour
of a whole bougainvillea plant
covered with flowers

Almost in full bloom

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