Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pampering Myself

Late last year I was given the bad news that I had an ingrown toe-nail which would have to be removed eventually. I begged the doctor to put it off until after CNY because such is the vanity of woman that I could not bear to go through the festivities with a nail-less big toe.

Somehow God performed a miracle and the ingrown toe-nail grew out of whatever corner it got itself stuck in. Maybe the doctor was wrong and it wasn't even an ingrown toe-nail at all. Whatever the case was, the nail was no longer painful or inflamed and so I left it to grow just to be sure.

Today I decided to go for a pedicure. After the scare, I felt it would be better to leave the cutting of the nail to the experts. At the nail centre I yielded to temptation and bought a manicure as well.

It was only RM68 for both manicure and pedicure with a Paraffin treatment for either the hands or the feet and two nail art for the big toes thrown in as well! The Spa Paraffin Pedicure itself already cost RM68 so it was value for money.

I am so happy. Now I've got nice smooth feet and pretty nails. My Valentine gift to myself.

Manicured nails

Close up of my nails

See the nail art!

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