Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nyonya In Church

It's the first Sunday of Chinese New Year. Time to reclaim our Nyonya heritage, albeit with much campur aduk and improvisation since I am now too fat to be able to bring the ends of the kebaya together to fix the kerongsang and it's too much bother to find a sarong to match.

Bursting out of my kebaya and "revealing" my camisole underneath

Kebaya held together with kerongsang and worn with pants

FYI this is a genuine kebaya handed down from my mother-in-law. My sis and I tried some of our mom's kebayas as well and we noticed the same thing. They are always too tight at the shoulders and chest but the waist would fit nicely. If the shoulders and chest fit nicely then there would be too much material left at the waist. Our conclusion is that women nowadays (or is it only us?) have broader shoulders. So unfeminine.

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