Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Just Have to Trust in the Lord

We received some disturbing news from Pam today.

Some of the people at the event she attended last Saturday are down with HINI. In fact, many of those who attended the function, who are also her colleagues, are also not feeling well.

To make things worse, she's sitting next to a guy who was in close proximity to another guy who is now under suspect for HINI!

I want my babee by my side. We are here. She is there. What to do except pray.

Dear Lord, Pam dwells in Your secret place, under the shadow of your wings of protection, in true intimacy with you, embraced and sheltered by your power and your precious love. Because she has made you O Lord the most high God her abode, her dwelling place and her habitation, no evil shall be able to fall upon or even touch her and no sickness or disease can come upon her.

You will show her the salvation of the Lord by blessing her with a long, healthy, safe and prosperous life,and give unto her Your many wondrous blessings.

In the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ I pray.


AhYhan said...

Dun worry..i think pam should be all rite...

Melsong said...

Thanks. Moms always worry.

BenYong said...

Auntie; just to let you guys know, I'm standing with you in prayer for Pam's protection.

Benji (yong)

Melsong said...

Thanks Benji.

Pam is blessed to have good friends who care for her.

BenYong said...

So kind of you to say that auntie.