Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Fruits of the Season

Received some rambutans from a colleague. They're from her own tree and supposed to be the 'loot kang' type. That means they're good because the flesh does not stick to the seed.

Rambutans, my babee's favourite fruit

We had been enjoying mangosteens for the past two weeks and two nights ago we suddenly had the urge for durian rice. So on the way home from work, I stopped by one of the roadside stalls at Fettes Park to buy two fruits for RM24.00. One was sweet and the other 'bitter' to balance the flavours.

Then I swung by the supermart to buy fragrant rice. While I was wandering around the aisles looking for rice I found santan in tetra boxes. So I decided that we shall indulge in the luxury of using santan instead of just plain water to mix with our rice.

It turned out that the meal was too rich for us.

Fragrant rice + santan + durian = "jelak"

It would have been worse if I had used pulut instead of rice. That would have been over-indulgence.

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