Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jewel Turns 18

We had a little belated celebration for Jewel who turned 18 last Saturday.

The countdown began with the following sms conversation.

Mother of Birthday Girl (1:10pm): Wear pink dress.

Me (1.13pm): Wearing yellow la. Will change if we have time to go home.

Me (2.56pm): I'm now sort of pink.

Mother of Birthday Girl (3:09pm): Good Start from this morning's yellow! Maybe you'll get pinker as evening progresses.

That last comment is so ambigious. Sounds like I'm going to get tipsy when all we're having is chinese tea for beverage.

Jewel with her pink birthday cake, lovingly decorated by her mom
with a crown,
18 diamonds and 18 spindly candles.

Where did the little kiddo with a curly hair go to? She's grown to be a real beauty.

Look at mess of wax after all the photo-taking session

Birthday girl surrounded by mom, bro and god-parents.
Only the ladies bothered with the pink theme.

We burned a hole in the table cloth!
That's how successful the party was.

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