Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cell Durian Feast 2009

Last Friday our cell had our annual Durian Feast. With durians, mangosteens, cempedak and rambutans a-plenty it was more a fruit feast than a Durian Feast but the King of Fruits naturally had pride of place.

We started gorging the moment the fruits arrived. In my kiasu-ness to join in the feast I forgot to take pictures of the huge mound of fruits. So all the photos here were taken after I had had my fill and towards the end of the evening.

We had a lot of rambutans and cempedak left over. I think everyone avoided the rambutans because it's a heaty fruit like the durian. The mangosteens, however, were the perfect combination with durians.

Lovely durians. Some sweet and some the "bitter-and-sticky" type
-choice of durian connoisseurs

This is all that's left after the feast. When the evening started
there was no empty space on the mat.

3 big garbage bags of rubbish

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