Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Famous!

My daughter just made me "famous" again on her blog. Two days in a row, I must either be doing something right...or wrong.

Her post ended with her analysis of my reply to her Good Morning message but the chat continued. Here's the rest of it before we went off to touch on more interesting topics.

Bantering with my babee


AhYhan said... cute of u mother and daughter...lovely :)

Melsong said...

Ya, we enjoy each other's company. Miss her lots now we're apart.

AhYhan said...

Actually i do know your daughter but not that familiar type..we used to attend the same tuition classes-GHEE tuition centre..hahahahha..she is so do you aunty :)

Melsong said...

I visited your blog. You are quite a foodie as well.

I also love food hence my size.

Have you visited Pam's blog? It's

Melsong said...

Oops, sorry. Pam's blog is

AhYhan said...

yeah...i love to eat sooooooooooooo much but am a super lazy blogger..hence my blog has been stagnant for quite some times dee..muahahah..yeah..i do visit pam's blog quite often..then so happen found out that aunty also got blogging...very yeah lar..muahahaha XD