Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm The Only One Counting Days

She sent her Dee a Father's Day greeting four hours early and promised to do right by her dad when she comes back in two weeks' time.

I immediately informed darling hubby that she'll only be back in THREE weeks' time. When he 'reminded' her, she knew I had to be around and reading the sms conversation.

The two of them same same wan, always blur about when the next family time is due. I am the only one counting days and trying to engineer family time.

I will never miss an opportunity to go down and see my babee and last weekend I had a splendid opportunity to hitch a ride down to KL with friends but application for 'visa' from hubby was rejected.

He said I've have used up my quota 'cos she was back one weekend and then I was down in KL the following weekend and then we were down in KL again two weeks' later. All in the month of May.

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