Monday, June 29, 2009

A Dead End at Perak Lane

It was Saturday night. We had just finished watching "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and were getting ready to retire for the night when the following conversation ensued.

Hubby: Can you remember where we went for dinner?

Me: You cannot remember meh?

(Actually I also cannot remember so have to stall for time).

Hubby: I remember we went to Ah Men's place for lunch, then we went to church for the meeting, then we went back to office, before going back to church again for worship practice, but I cannot remember where we went for dinner?

Me: It's the coffee-shop behind the Caltex station along Green Lane!

That is not the funny part yet. As I was getting into bed, I turned to hubby and asked...

Me: Didn't you retrace our route to find out where we were heading? By the time I "reached" Hamilton Road I already knew our destination.

Hubby: I did. I reached Perak Lane and hit a dead end!

For those who are not Penangites, the route will take you pass Perak Lane before you reach Hamilton Road.

We find this kind of conversation is getting more and more frequent. Susah la ini macam.

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