Friday, June 12, 2009

Power of Prayer

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to pray for a friend who went for an operation to remove one of the lumps in her neck.

Initially she didn't know whether she should go for the operation or not. Finally she went for the surgery when the one lump, became two and then became three lumps.

She couldn't believe that such a thing could happen to her. Maybe to her brother who is a drinker, or another brother who is a smoker, or even an elder sister who is in her fifties but certainly not to her. After all she is still young and leads a healthy lifestyle.

She was very anxious over the result, knowing that a negative report would change her life forever. Sensing her anxiety, we offered to pray for her and she accepted our offer.

Yesterday, the results from the biopsy came back. Thank God, the lump was not malignant and today we received this email from her:

Thanks Melinda. It is great to see what the power of prayers can do!
Thanks for all your prayers and well-wishes for my health.

God is good.

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