Wednesday, July 1, 2009

People Follow People

Have you noticed how a popular food stall will draw a bigger crowd than one that is not so popular? It doesn't matter whether the food is better or not. As long as we see more people patronising the stall we assume that the food is better.

Take today for example.

This morning we were having breakfast when the otak-otak seller came around to sell her wares. None of the customers in the coffee-shop bought from her. They either rebuffed or ignored her.

When she came to our table, I bought two packets of otak-otak as a treat for my maid who likes her otak-otak. Mana tau, after that the people sitting at the tables around us started purchasing from her.

2 packets of otak-otak that started the buying frenzy

So if you are in business and you want to create demand, just plant some "customers" to show you have a following and people who follow people will flock to your stall, which will in turn draw a bigger crowd.

That's the power of suggestion.

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