Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twit or Tweet

The world is changing so fast it's getting harder and harder to play catch up.

Looking through those comic strips reminded me of a chat that I had
with my babee sometime back (produced here in abbreviated form
with just the relevant info and without divulging the full content
of the actual conversation).

me: Ok then twit saying ......

'bee: mee, it's twEEt

me: Twit or tweet doesn't matter as long as you know what I mean.

'bee: Eh!
'bee: matters la
'bee: shows people you're in the know.

me: People say I very yay already. Not many moms blog you know.

'bee: hahahaha
'bee: okok
'bee: very yay
'bee: =p
'bee: haha

I don't understand. Why do you tweet and not twit on twitter?
It doesn't make sense and only serves to confuse me.

1 comment:

sy1n said...

wow! i din know that! i better stop twitting and start tweeting! hahaha