Monday, July 20, 2009

100 Plus Works!

Ever since we took heed of the advice, received via numerous forwarded emails, to reach for a bottle of of 100 Plus instead of a couple of Panadol whenever a headache strikes, we have become 100 Plus guzzlers because we found that it really works.

We started out buying 10 bottles of 100 Plus per trip to the supermart but our stock ran out so fast that we have progressed to stocking up 100 Plus by the crates. One for the office and another for the home.

No, we're not that headache-prone. We also consume 100 Plus during our badminton games and whenever we feel dehydrated. The latter is to combat any impending headache.

We're not into the weird yellowish or greenish stuff.
Only the original flavour will do.

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