Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bridging The Generation Gap

I bought a weighing machine for our babee today so she can check her weight. She's on a weight gain mission but photos seem to indicate that she is losing weight instead.

There were a number of cheaper weighing machines which were only calibrated in kilograms. I was brought up to think in terms of pounds so I decided to pay more for one that's calibrated in both pounds and kilograms.

I thought I was doing 'bee a favour, mana tau in my chat with her she said:
I'm KG girl lah.
in school we don't learn lbs
Thank God there weren't any that were calibrated only in pounds 'cos that probably saved me from a big blunder.

This simple weighing machine has now assumed an important role in helping to bridge the generation gap. It's calibrated in kg so it makes sense to her and also in lbs so she can let us know her weight in terms that make sense to us.

A pretty pink weighing machine for 'bee to match her pink bathroom

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