Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pastor Lawrence Is In Town

Pastor Lawrence Seow was preaching today. He is one pastor who is crazy over durians and since we are right smack in the middle of the durian season we gave him his heart's desire for lunch.

Walking up to the house at the durian estate

At first we didn't know what these were. Then the smell
gave them away.
They are little balls of solidified rubber.

Some rubber making paraphernalia at the back

Ice cold water piped from the hill. Reminded me of my
grandmother's house
where we had a huge tank of water
just like this to collect water
which was used for washing
and bathing. The bathroom is
behind the wall on the left.

Water overflowing from the tank goes into an earthernware pot
before trickling over the ledge into the ground

Lowlying durian. Durians are not plucked but drop when they are ripe
so there is no fear of people
stealing lowlying fruits.

Pastor Lawrence and Hooi waiting for the experts to open the durians

You have to use these little lidi brushes to get rid of
the leaves
stuck to the durian thorns before you open them

Pastor Lawrence enjoying his durian feast

Upon expert advice, we ate just enough before the 'law of diminishing returns' sets in. After that we went to Pulau Betong for Hokkien Mee.

Lunch turned out to be quite an excursion.

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