Monday, July 6, 2009

Vive's Recommendation

After a long time, hubby and I decided to go back to Ananda's at Hillside because Pastor Lawrence was full of praises for the food there.

The first time we were there was more than a year ago. The food was lousy. The Biryani was some unpalatable greyish mess. Not like the usual fluffy golden yellow rice we're used to at Alhambra's.

Alhambra's was our usual Northern Indian cuisine eatery which has ceased operation.

The fried fish was all mushy, much like the consistency of cheese spread. We suspected that's because the fish was stale.

Anyway, this time we decided to get Vive's recommendation before we ordered and that resulted in a very satisfactory meal for us.

The Chicken Kuttu Paratha was delicious although a tad too rich for my taste. The Paper Thosai was good although I still prefer the common Dhall curry at Subaidah's.

Hubby ordered Set 2 comprising Biryani, 2 pieces of Tandoori Chicken, one whole hard-boiled egg and a glass of mango lassi. All for RM12.00. The Biryani has improved (cannot comment on the colour 'cos it's too dark) but still not the best we've tasted.

Thanks, Vive, for your recommendations which helped redeem Ananda's reputation.

Again no pictures 'cos I was too busy stuffing myself to even think of taking photos. I'm beginning to sound like a glutton. But I'm not, I'm not!

Anyway, the little corner we were in was too dark for us to really see what we're eating, much less take photos. Excuses, excuses.

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