Saturday, January 3, 2009

Unusual Christmas Presents

This Christmas I received the strangest present from Jet for the company gift exchange. Here it is.

An old-fashioned flask!

Hmmm. What is he trying to tell me? The last time I saw this kind of flask, my grandmother was using it. Am I that ancient?

Then today (yes, I know we are all unbelievably late but that's because Christmas crept up on us unawares) we received this exquisite carafe-cum-tumbler set from my sister who always gives the most creative gifts. Notice the lovely bird designs sand-blasted on the glass.

An exquisite gift

Seeing the carafe brought back fond memories of my Ah Kong. He used to have a plain glass carafe-cum-tumbler set filled with water in the bedroom for nights when he would wake up thirty. It's been 44 years and I still miss him.

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