Sunday, January 11, 2009


We were at Queenbay Mall on last night when we saw a huge wall banner advertising Canton-i. At first we thought it was a Dragon-i wannabe but since we were in an adventurous mood we decided to give it a try.

The food was Hong Kong style so I ended up ordering their signature Prawn Wanton Mee Soup. The crunchy prawns in the wanton received my thumbs up but they also derailed my efforst to watch my cholesterol. I simply loved the greens that are also super crunchy and without any of the annoying fibre residue that stick in between the teeth. The special mee is also delicious.

Yummy wanton mee soup

Ken ordered Roast Goose Rice but they have already sold out the roast goose. He opted for Roast Duck and Roast Pork Rice instead and he was not disappointed. Both were superlative. The roast pork was so tasty. The menu says it is from some specially bred pig so it is supposedly low in cholesterol. I saw fat. How can pork fat be cholesterol-free?

For starters we had Salted Egg Dumpling and for dessert we had Mango Wrapped in Glutinuous Rice. We were disappointed with both. We've tasted better Salted Egg Dumpling from the street stall and the mango was sourish. We should have ordered the Fried Durian Pancake but it was too late to change by the time we spotted the dish.

Mango in glutinuous rice

We liked the styrofoam cuts of dragonflies and moths that were part of the interior deco. It would have been better if they have varied the patterns, staggered them or even made use of some mirror images instead of using identical panels.

Chinese-style styrofoam cut-outs. I like the colour of the walls!

Same motif repeated on the lamps

The food is a tad expensive, RM12 or more for Wanton Mee, but you are getting value for money.

We eventually found out that Canton-i is part of the Dragon-i group of restaurants hence the -i.

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