Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY Guests

We seldom have guests over for CNY so it was a significant improvement to have a houseful of guests over yesterday.

Six of our staff dropped by. I am touched because out of the six of them, three came over from the mainland. And two of them are actually ex-staff with one of them currently working in Singapore. I was so motivated that I made scones and waffles to serve for tea.

Jovin and Christina giving a thumbs up for my teatime treats

Esther being squashed by Daniel and Keane
with Conan from Singapore hovering behind

Evidence that Esther enjoyed the food.
Are they sending any messages with that look?

Ken entertained them with the latest "King Kong" movie starring Naomi Watts. BTW, I disagreed with the bad guy's comment at the end of the movie that beauty killed the beast. The beast was certainly enamoured by her beauty but it was his (the bad guy's) greed that actually killed the beast. Not fair. Always blaming the woman.

Lillian, Jewel and Raymond also came to "pai ch'nia" us. I love this picture I took of them. So carefree and comfortable with one another. The way family should be.

Raymond with Supergirl and her Supermom

I was so happy to be surrounded by family and friends. Unfortunately it was also the day my 'bee went back to KL. After having her around for about two weeks, I'm gonna miss her lots.

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