Sunday, January 11, 2009

CNY at Queensbay

Queensbay Mall is all decked out in Chinese New Year finery.

Lanterns and bird-cages, all in CNY red,
are part of the center court display

A boat laden with gold that formed the other side of the display

They even brought in Chinese artisans to display and demonstrate Chinese handicraft.

Miniature Chinese figurines that make up a court scene.
The figures are all smaller than my little finger!

Zoomed in to see the details on the little figurines

The craftsman working on one of the larger figures of
one of the legendary Chinese heroes

This cute little pig is handcrafted blown candy

Here's the craftsman showing us how it's done.
It costs RM10 for one of the zodiac animals.

Gurney Plaza is comparatively dull. No effort at all.

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