Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas '08

Christmas zipped by in a flash. For that matter, everything zipped by in a flash last year. No time to smell the roses as the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months and, before I knew it, the year was gone.

Christmas was spent in KL this year. Very quiet, very family. Nice.

Bought our babee a Christmas present which was also part ransom to get back my camera.
I could not believe how attached I could get to a camera. Nor did I know how important it is to blogging. No wonder my blog's been dead for the past few months. No camera, no photos, no posts. Why bother to write when a picture could speak a thousand words? Sigh. I've grown lazy for someone who always enjoyed being a wordsmith and that's bad.

Babee's Christmas gift that she loved to bits.

Anyway, we were in KL and the Christmas mood was evident everywhere compared to poor effort put up by Penang retailers. Some places in Penang simply bypassed Christmas and were already blaring out Chinese New Year songs in early December! These people simply have no respect for the season.

Half the population of Malaysia were down in KL due to the long Christmas-spill-over-into-the-weekend break. It was Friday, a working day, and not yet lunch time, yet we spent an hour trying to get into and find a parking space at Mid Valley! We finally gave up and headed for Sunway Pyramid instead.

When we went back to Sunway Pyramid on Sunday with our babee she had a good laugh at her ulu parents who took photos with the Christmas trees at the mall. What to do? The Christmas decorations in Penang are so pathetic. (Actually I just got back my camera and was bitten by the "shutter bug.")

We spent Christmas in Bangkok in 2007 and Christmas in KL last year. This year we should plan for Christmas in Singapore. What says the rest of the team?

That's us pulling our ulu kampung stunt,
taking photo with Christmas trees at Sunway Pyramid

Close up

Bee and Dee imitating the poses in the poster behind

That's the kind of Christmas deco that does justice to the season


pamsong said...

I'm all in for Singapore. Or London. Or Canada. Or Las Vegas.

Melsong said...

So we'd better plan early and plan well this year.