Sunday, January 4, 2009


First miracle of 2009!

I went for my first badminton session this evening. Couldn't exactly call it a game as I had to learn how to serve and spent most of the time picking up the shuttlecock. Anyway, I am quite happy with myself because, after the disastrous start, I eventually managed to have a few short rallies with Rachel.

I really thank God for my two trainers, Rachel and Grace, who were most patient with me. My natural instinct is to dodge whatever is coming at me which makes me a lousy player at any game. I don't think they've ever seen a player ducking every time the shuttlecock comes flying her way so that provided a few laughs for everyone.

They succeeded in helping me to overcome that counter-productive move by asking me to whack the shuttlecock like I would swat a fly! That the racket (on loan from hubby) looks like a fly swatter was helpful for creating the right mental picture.

I might like the game after all. That's quite an admission for someone who hates games and has been lousy at ALL games all her life.

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