Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Favourite Getaway

Last weekend we escaped to Cameron Highlands for the weekend. Yes, it's Cameron Highlands again. Friends and loved ones simply could not understand our enthusiasm for the highlands. Every time we say we are going for a holiday they'll ask, "Cameron's again ar?" Then we'll get bombarded with questions like: What is there to do? What is there to see? The same place very year? Not boring meh?

We prefer the highlands for a number of reasons. Most of all we love the cool, fresh air and we were disappointed by the highlands warming up over the years. To our delight the weather was chilly this time round.

Our purpose for a vacation is to get away from the stresses of urban living and from being hounded by endless deadlines. We want some peace and quiet, to relax and take things easy.

But here's a warning. It's madness up the Highlands if you go during public holidays or school breaks. You'll find the traffic jams, lack of parking and crowds you are running away from waiting for you up there. So we make it a point to visit Cameron's during the off-peak seasons. Then we have the highlands to ourselves.

Cameron Highlands is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. And speaking of tea makes me long for the Devonshire tea at the Old Smokehouse. That's one of the rituals we began during our honeymoon and and have kept up during every return visit. Sitting in the garden, feeling the cool breeze in our face and enjoying a hot cup of of tea.

My one indulgence and a family tradition
every time we are in Cameron Highlands

That's our idea of a good holiday - lazy days with no agenda. There are only two places we must visit while up in Cameron's. One is the Old Smokehouse, home of Devonshire tea, and the other is the Boh Tea Plantation at Habu. Anything else is as and when we fancy.

Climbing up View Point at the Boh Tea Plantation

We saw "ang mohs" taking the 6 km walk up to the Boh Tea Plantation
and here's a typical Malaysian comment in the guest book
that it is "jauh sangat"

At the reflexology centre - one of those as-and-when-we-fancy times

BTW, progress has finally come to the highlands, evidenced by the opening of a Starbucks and a Guardian outlet at Brinchang.


Anonymous said...

Hi sister Melinda, din know u have a blog... was browsing tinki talks when I know bout ur blog. Nice blog u have here.

Melsong said...

Thank you for dropping by. I suppose blogging is the internet form of keeping a diary.