Sunday, January 1, 2012

Highlights of 2011

The first half of 2011 was pretty uneventful but the excitement upped a notch and the momentun increased once I crossed over into the second half of the year.

God granted me many desires of my heart last year.

Never in my wildest dream did I imagine that Hubby would don a traditional garb to take a photo with me. Much less pose like this.....

Baba Kenny teasing his nyonya

 Thank you darling! You didn't know how happy you made me.

Last year the most talked about wedding was Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. For me, the wedding of the year was that glorious day when my 'Bee married her beau after a long, long (in terms of time + distance) courtship with many ups and downs.

Lord, bless them with a long and loving, faithful and fruitful marriage.

Our first family photo with our brand new son-in-law immediately after the solemnization of their marriage
Hubby then indulged me with a Glitz & Glamour themed 55th birthday celebration at the G Hotel to make up for my botched 50th birthday celebration.

I feel so pampered...but no more big parties until I hit 60. : (

My super indulgent Glitz & Glamour themed 55th birthday celebration.

It has always been my dream since young to be a singer even though I cannot sing really well. In September last year I not only sang but also danced at the China International Travel Expo (CITE) that was held in Guangzhou.

I consider that "ahem, ahem" my debut as an international performer. 
Another dream come true.

Performing in Guangzhou

Despite my involvement in church and ministry, spiritually I was heading nowhere until I attended the month-long Haggai Institute Advanced Leadership Seminar in Maui, Hawaii. I came back transformed and with a purpose. Outwardly everything is still the same but the seed has been planted and time will see it grow and bear fruit. 

Lord, help me to be all You want me to be!

... where I found my destiny and renewed my commitment to my Lord and Saviour

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