Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Song Reunion

We had our third reunion last night at Elder Song Brother's apartment. Among the boys only Terence and family was missing. However, we were delighted to have Calvin and family with us this year.

From top: Jimmie Song, Grace Soh, Joanne, Jessica and Henry; Grace & Edwin; Calvin, Olivia, Sophie and Emma; Steven, Josephine and Anthea.

Dan Ko and Jenny Soh were also at dinner but they had left when we started taking photos. Calvin's family photo was taken earlier 'cos I wanted to show 'Bee the two adorable girls.

After dinner talk ranged from iPhone 4S's Siri, with Hubby taking centre-stage since this is his expertise, to Edwin showing us some newly released 10 sen coins that don't look legal tender at all.

New 10 sen coins that look, feel and sound like tokens.
The red team
See here for Reunion 1 and here for Reunion 2.

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