Sunday, January 29, 2012

SP Road Trip on Friday (27/1/12)

It's been quite a while since I've been on a road trip so I was pretty excited. Macam budak!

I was warned to dress comfortable 'cos we're going to attend the CNY Open Day of our client, a property developer, at their site office. The site is supposedly barren and very hot. So I wore long pants, covered myself up, donned sunglasses and even brought along a hat.

All prepared

As it turned out, circumstances were better than expected. Thank God for a strong wind blowing that helped to keep us cool.

After that we visited another client and headed for lunch at Bedong. For me that was the highlight of the trip.

We traveled some distance from SP to Bedong and finally arrived at this unassuming restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

Never judge the food by the stall

We ordered two pots of Ho Yan Hor with sour plum tea which was the perfect beverage for a hot day to bring down body heat.

Hot cooling tea. What an oxymoron!

Then came the appetizer they are famous for looking like happy Pacmen!

The yummiest mantou ever

I posted on Facebook and was told that I shouldn't call them mantou because mantou refers to the bun sans filling. Anyway it doesn't matter that none of us know the actual name for this dish. All we know is that its taste is absolutely fantastic.

The filling seems to be a fritter containing meat and some vegetables

Since it was an appetizer they only allocated one mantou per person. :-( We were tempted to order another plate but had to exhibit great decorum in deference to the client's presence at the table.

Does this mean another road trip to satisfy unfulfilled longings? Next time we'll go on our own and order double, maybe triple, portions of this super delicious mantou and forget about the rest of lunch.

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