Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Indian Style Reunion

I was given the task of planning the Tong reunion this year. Since it is only the second day of Chinese New Year, many of the Chinese restaurants would be closed. So I picked Palace d'India as the venue for our lunch.

Baby Sis and I took the opportunity to wear our sarees and Baby Brother was game enough to buy a men's Indian garment for the occasion. And so we ended up having a theme party of our own.

The three of us dressed to the theme

The rest of the family were surprised by our dressing but we were even more surprised when some of them said that they would have joined us dressing up in Indian garb if only we had told them earlier. I foresee a lot of fun theme parties in the pipeline for future reunions.

Clockwise from top left-hand corner: Koo Chair and Koo Cheong; Yee Sook and Yee Sum; Lillian and Raymond; Sei Sook, JJ and Sei Sum; me and Kenny

We had a really good fellowship. Personally I think it is the best in all the years we've had reunions together. And everyone liked the place and the food. Even Baby Brother managed to eat together with us 'cos they were able to accommodate his dietary preferences.

Clockwise from top left-hand corner: Cauliflower and Potatoes, Bryiani rice, Chicken Masala, Masala Tea, Prawn Curry, Pappadom with Mint Dip, Naan and Fish Curry

I also received an angpow today from my aunt. Koo Chair is a traditionalist and so she gives angpows to all of us who are younger than her regardless of marital status. :-)

My angpow
 Then I saw the cutest angpow packet that Baby Brother received from 4th Uncle.

I like!
Before we said goodbye we took a family photo outside the restaurant.

All of us are here except for Ken who was the photographer
Look here for Kenny's point of view of the lunch.

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