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Hong Kong 27-30 November 2009

Warning! This is a long overdue post left in the drafts folder for the past two years. Skip this post if you prefer something more current. If you are still interested here it is.....

This was our first trip to Hong Kong and it was disappointing.

We realized that there is nothing made in Hong Kong. Look at the labels and you'll find that most of the stuff are made in China or elsewhere like Bangladesh.

Despite the fact that Hong Kong is now a part of China, 
I always associate China only with mainland China.

And our timing for the trip was lousy. All the clothing on sale are for fall/winter, totally unsuitable for our Malaysian weather. So we ended up not buying anything.

In fact we had plenty of HKD left over from the trip. Considering the fact that we had to pay cash for everything because most establishments do not accept credit cards, we practically came back empty-handed.

As if that is not depressing enough all I brought back from Hong Kong was a really bad flu.

But we had some good memories 'cos memories are made up of people not things and I had my favourite people with me on the trip.

Like all tourists, we took a photo at the Golden Bauhinia sculpure at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (top left) and another photo by the waterfront (bottom right). It was so hot so we were all squinting.

As we were leaving the Convention Centre we met a group of Chinese Christians sharing the gospel (top right). They were singing the song "All Our Praise and Glory" energetically with all the actions.

Then we went to Repulse Bay but were bored waiting for some of the people on the bus who went to pray for fortune at a temple there. So we entertained ourselves (middle left) and put up our feet (middle right).

We are lazy tourists so rushing here and there is really not our cup of tea. 
The purpose of a holiday is to rest and recharge, not tire ourselves out.

At Aberdeen we saw luxurious yachts and also boats that serve as homes for those who live on the water. We went for a sampan ride and the sampan operator reminded Pam and I of her Kong Kong (middle left).

No visit to Hong Kong would be complete without a trip up to the Peak. It was cold up there (top left) and the view was beautiful (top right).

At Madame Tussaud's Pam had an argument with Michael Jackson (middle left) and tried to sneak a peek under Marilyn Monroe's skirt (middle right). Naturally, as a writer, she couldn't resist the opportunity to have a chat with Shakespeare (bottom right).

Hubby, on the other hand, was overjoyed to find the Beatles and decided to help George Harrison  with a chord or two (bottom right).

On one of the days (cannot remember which one), we took the subway to Mong Kok (top right & left) where we went to the street market to shop for souvenirs.

During dinner we over-ordered the dishes even though the waiter was there to help us. We were shocked to see how huge the portions were. The food was delicious but we couldn't finish it hence the glum faces despite the thumbs up (middle left). What a waste.

We stayed at the Renaissance Kowloon located at Tsim Sha Tsui so we only had to walk out to the back of the hotel in order to access the promenade where we could watch the Symphony of Lights (middle left).

At the Avenue of Stars we tried to identify the stars of some of the Hong Kong actors we know.  Hubby decided to take a photo with his sword-fighting hero David Chiang's star (bottom right).

We didn't really enjoy Hong Kong and really looked forward to going home (bottom left).

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