Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wrong Movie

We had Sisters Nite Out last night. Girly movie was on the agenda and so we decided to watch "The Proposal." This movie was highly recommended by 'bee.

After the trailers, the movie started and an astronaut appeared. Are there astronauts in "The Proposal"? Something wrong here.

After a while the title of the movie appeared - "Land of the Lost"! What is happening?

First thought, did I purchase tickets for the wrong movie? Checked the tickets. No mistake there.

By the way, I have experienced buying tickets for a wrong movie.
Many, many years ago, hubby and I went for a movie.
When the movie started, we were puzzled to find on-screen
something totally different from the movie we wanted to watch.

Initially we thought that it was a trailer because there was no title
to indicate otherwise. Then, we found the language to be too offensive
for our sensibilities. When the subtitles appeared, our suspicion
that we were at the wrong movie was confirmed.

So we beat a hasty exit from the cinema because
it would only be a waste of time and money to sit through
such a C or even D grade movie.

Later we found out that the movie we actually wanted to watch
was only scheduled to start the day after. What a boo boo!

Okay, back to yesterday's tale.

Second possibility, are we in the wrong hall? No need to check. People were saying "they are showing the wrong movie" and some proactive ones were already on their way to inform the person(s) in charge.

The screen went dark and after that "The Proposal" came on.

BTW, we wore masks during the movie. We were the only ones.

We are very kiasi. Don't know who is sitting beside us. FYI the infected person is infectious 24hours before onset of symptoms. So don't play play.

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